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Get to know the faces behind the languages.

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Meet The Team

Team Rossion is comprised of technical and creative wordsmiths with a love of language and culture.   

Our team has a command of language that goes beyond proficiency. We take pleasure in the details and intricacies of language and culture of your everyday world, ensuring that your message is communicated clearly and in the way that you need for your target audience.   

All our translators are highly qualified professionals and meet the requirements for both International (ISO 17100) and Canadian standards (Can CGSB 131.10). 

For Over 40 Years...

Rossion’s core principle has never wavered – that trust is the foundation of every good business relationship.  

Our passionate and dedicated team of language experts has grown and evolved to meet the changing demands of business.  You can count on us – each and every time – to deliver your message clearly, accurately and on-time.

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Looking for a translator who understands your industry?

Our certified translators have experience translating content for the finance, technology, technical, life sciences, marketing industries, and more.