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There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the freshly signed Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), especially amongst companies who have interests and aspirations that span the Atlantic.

While the fine print of CETA still needs to be ironed out and may take months and even years to fully take shape, one thing is abundantly clear: Canadian companies that want to do well in Europe will need to make sure that all their communications are translated perfectly.

A quick look at the numbers: there are 24 officially recognized languages in the European Union. Soon, 98% of all tariffs on Canadian goods and services entering the EU will be removed.

While most companies may not be doing business in each and every one of these countries, it’s essential they get their message across in just the right way, with le mot juste, to appeal to the intended target audience in their native language.

At Rossion this is an exciting development. We have worked in 180 languages since 1979, and we are simply fans of the richness of many of the old languages of Europe. And while we love the idea of being able to flex our translation muscles more often now with the introduction of CETA, it’s even more satisfying when we also have a chance to help our clients grow by expanding into new markets.

More reach, more revenue

It’s common sense of course; if consumers understand the message of what’s being sold, they will be more likely to buy. Given the technical nature of so many of our clients’ written materials, it’s critical that this message is translated in the exact way it should be.

Simply put, properly translated content is needed to do business globally. It helps reach new markets and can only have a positive effect on the bottom line.

The tagline on CETA’s information material is straightforward: CETA will bring real benefits to Canadians. We feel the same way about our services.

So yes, we’re pretty keen on CETA. Hopefully we can help our clients feel the same way.


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