What is Translation Project Management? And Why It Matters

Translation projects can range from relatively simple to not so simple. It’s one thing to translate a one-page brochure from English to French. It’s another to translate a multi-page website into 10 other languages, all with the same deadline. So, how do translation projects run smoothly? Translation project management helps to get your translation project […]

Five Ways to Be a Good Client for Your Translator

Ever wonder what differentiates preferred clients from less-preferred clients? We’ve got a few suggestions to position you on the preferred end of the client spectrum! 1. Give Context. The More, the Better. Help your translator help you by providing them with everything they might need to know and more. This can include any of the […]

Remote Interpretation: How Can It Help My Business?

Remote work and the technology that goes with it are now part of our everyday lives. So it’s only natural that remote options pop up in traditional in-person fields. Enter remote interpretation. First things first: what do interpreters do? Interpreters convert spoken language into another language in near-real time. (Read our blog post about best […]

How to Prepare Your Material for Translation to Ensure the Best Quality

Most people expect their translation to be perfect, or very close to it. But what’s key to a great translation is great source material from the get-go! Here are some tips to prepare your material for your translator… and the world! Keep the End Result in Mind from the Beginning Starting with a clear mandate […]

How Antidote Can Help You Improve Your French-Language Writing

Have you heard of Antidote, the language correction tool that is used throughout Quebec and beyond? It spots typos, highlights grammar issues, and much more. Fun fact about Antidote: its French dictionary includes over 133,000 words! Here’s how to use Antidote to improve your French-language writing. Note: Antidote has also released an English-language version and […]

How Do the Different AI Tools Stack Up? And Are They a Good Idea?

There are a lot of different AI tools out there, and they seem to be the main topic of conversation in marketing circles these days. Here’s a look at what they can and can’t do – and whether they’re a good idea for your business. What Tools Are Out There? There are several other tools […]

Chat GPT and Zero GPT: What to Consider for Your Business

Chat GPT. Most of us have heard of it. Some have tried it. Some love it, and some are wary. So, how can Chat GPT help – or harm – your business? The answer will vary based on several factors: what are you using it for? Why are you using it? Are you taking the […]

We Put Chat GPT to the Test. Here’s How It Did.

There’s a lot of buzz about Chat GPT as a content creation tool. Is it accurate? Will it take all our jobs? Can it be dangerous or cause legal trouble? (Spoiler: yes!) We decided to test it out. The Assignment: “Please Write 200 Words About Ahuntsic Using Canadian English” We chose a relatively innocuous subject: […]

Chat GPT versus Humans? Why the Human Touch is Still Needed

From graphic design to content creation to translation and editing, AI is being touted as the next big thing. But while AI has the potential to be a super effective tool, we’re here to tell you why we still need the human touch. Chat GPT is a Tool, But It Needs Oversight We’ve been taking […]

Best Practices for Working with Interpreters: How Can I Make Their Job Easier?

Interpreters are kind of like magicians. They come in, focus, and get their job done by essentially translating on the spot – out loud! – and helping people understand what is happening in real time. Interpreters convert spoken language into another language – including sign language – for presentations, conferences, court proceedings, medical consultations, business […]