Creativity and Translation: Do People Overlook the Creativity Involved in Translating Text?

Is translation creative? Technical? A combination thereof? The short answer is that it depends. A technical, medical, or legal text needs exceptional attention to detail to ensure that no errors are introduced in translation. A literary or marketing translation, on the other hand, needs a creative touch. Translation is filled with creative opportunity. The kicker […]

What’s New with Bill 96 in 2023?

By now, you’ve probably all heard of Bill 96, a change to the Quebec Charter of French Language in Quebec that took effect in 2022. If you missed our first rundown of what changes came into effect with Bill 96, check it out here. But did you know that other provisions come into effect this […]

Using Inclusive Language in Translation

Language is continually evolving, and one way it is doing so is by becoming more inclusive. Inclusive language is meant to avoid alienating readers in favour of neutral terms.

Test Your Translation Skills

Test your skills with this short five minute quiz. We’ve included a few common translation faux pas. Can you spot them?
Don’t forget to share your score with your friends and invite them to try their luck.