Chat GPT and Zero GPT: What to Consider for Your Business

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Chat GPT. Most of us have heard of it. Some have tried it. Some love it, and some are wary. So, how can Chat GPT help – or harm – your business? The answer will vary based on several factors: what are you using it for? Why are you using it? Are you taking the time to check, edit and fact-check material properly? We’ve outlined some elements to consider when using Chat GPT – and possible impacts on your business – below.

How Transparent is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT’s transparency is anything but clear for users. How it’s used, how it’s credited, and how much your readers need to know are all hotly debated at the moment. While we don’t have clear answers to these questions, many feel that using Chat GPT and other AI without stating it outright is not a good look for your business. Ask yourself how your readers would react if they knew your content was AI-generated. Some tools, like Zero GPT, can detect AI-generated content and flag it for readers, though it’s unclear how consistently this can be done.

How Accurate is Chat GPT?

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, Chat GPT has the potential to provide false or misleading information. While AI can compile huge amounts of content and pull information from it, there is no guarantee that said content is accurate, or even true. The takeaway? Make sure you have the tools to do your own research and fact-check for accuracy – or find someone who can.

Are There Plagiarism Concerns When Using Chat GPT?

Debates are ongoing about whether – and in what cases – using Chat GPT or other AI can be considered plagiarism. There are definite risks of using content that does not provide sources or that may inadvertently “borrow” phrasing or images from copyrighted sources. If your material is flagged by a plagiarism checker, ask yourself how you would address it before going ahead.

How Does Context Work with Chat GPT?

If you are creating content for your business, consider context: who is reading it? Why are they reading it? Is the material aimed at a certain audience or demographic? Chat GPT can provide generalized adjustments – for example, writing material for a young audience – but where it falls short is in understanding cultural references and how it may affect your reader’s understanding.


Before rushing into using Chat GPT, think about how you’ll use it and why. An experienced and thoughtful language professional brings years of experience, cultural nuance, and a human understanding to their work. AI does not. While Chat GPT and other AI can be helpful in certain instances, it’s important to be aware of the risks before getting on board.

Key Takeaways

  • Be transparent with your readers. If you use AI-generated content, tell them! Otherwise, transparency concerns could reflect poorly on your business.
  • Consider plagiarism. How will you defend accusations of plagiarism if you use AI? Can you be confident of your sources, or provide them if asked? Make sure to do your own research and fact-checking.
  • Context matters. Make sure your content is culturally appropriate and will resonate with your readers. Otherwise, what seems like an AI-generated shortcut may just be a waste of time.

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