Chat GPT versus Humans? Why the Human Touch is Still Needed

By Rossion

By Rossion

From graphic design to content creation to translation and editing, AI is being touted as the next big thing. But while AI has the potential to be a super effective tool, we’re here to tell you why we still need the human touch.

Chat GPT is a Tool, But It Needs Oversight

We’ve been taking a closer look at Chat GPT: how it performs, how it helps, and how it falls short. When it comes to clear communication and your business, here are some ways your language professional has a leg up on AI.

Your Language Professional Can Provide a Unique Voice

From boosting your brand voice to providing a tone and style that stands above the rest, an experienced language professional brings creativity, clear language, and an understanding of readability that AI doesn’t have.

Your Language Professional Can Fact-Check… Reliably

Chat GPT compiles huge amounts of data and can create content reasonably well. Ask it to write a blog post, and it will. But will it do so without error? Maybe not. Your language professional can fact-check their translation, knows what constitutes a reliable source and a not-so-reliable source, and can query where needed.

Your Language Professional Can Consider Cultural Context

Have you heard of localization? It’s so much more than simply a question of vocabulary – though that plays a part, too. A good language professional takes where your audience is from into account. An audience from Quebec, for example, will not have the same social cues as an audience from France. An experienced language professional can assess your material and help you to determine if it will resonate with your audience.

Your Language Professional Can Catch Inconsistencies and Errors

We’ve all come across machine translations that just don’t make sense. An experienced translator will make your material as clear as possible – by using consistent language, catching errors or terms that AI may translate incorrectly, and understanding nuanced usage.


Chat GPT and other AI can be a useful tool. In fact, translators have been using computer-assisted tools for years! Our words of wisdom: AI is better thought of a tool that humans use, rather than a replacement for humans.

Key Takeaways

  • Fact-checking is crucial. A (human) language professional will help catch inaccuracies and errors.
  • Content must resonate with your audience to be relevant. An experienced language professional can help you to make sure your cultural cues are on point.
  • Stand out with a strong brand voice – thanks to a human language professional. An experienced translator brings a unique voice to your material and can make sure your tone is consistent and appealing.

Looking for a trusted translation partner? Rossion works closely with your team to deliver quality localized content on time and budget. We’d love to hear more about your project. Get in touch.


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