Collaboration in Translation

By Rossion

By Rossion

The importance of collaboration and communication in a translation project

At Rossion, we understand that every translation project has specific requirements. From considering the source material, to understanding the intended audience, we tailor each job to our clients’ needs.

It starts with collaboration

We understand how critical it is to collaborate with our clients in order to properly communicate their messages. When a project is brought to us, the first step we take is to have one of our team members discuss the project with you, our client.  In order to effectively translate the work, it is critical that we have a clear understanding of the nature of the source material, its intended audience, and what the project’s specific requirements are.  With this foundation, we are able to ensure that our clients receive the best translation service possible.

Considering the source

It’s important for the Rossion Team to understand all the linguistic elements of the source material.  In the initial reading of the source material, we’ll have an idea of how to approach the work, but by collaborating with our clients, we can ensure that every nuance remains intact.

If a text is to have a causal tone, it’s important for us to know that, as this will affect the language we use in translating the work.  Similarly, if the text is intended to reach a wide audience, we will emphasize the use of accessible language so as to ensure the translation can resonate with as many people as possible. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the material and its audience, we will be ready to start the process of translation.

For the Rossion team, it’s important that we get your translation right.  That’s why we strive to create the best relationship possible between our clients, our project managers and our translators.  It’s critical that if there are ever any questions, both parties feel comfortable asking them. From the initial meeting to the final review of the translation, we ensure that we’re delivering the product you want.

Getting to the meaning

The style, tone, and message of your content is all equally important, and it’s critical that it resonates in whatever language its communicated in. If you have specific requirements for your translation simply let our team know, and we’ll assign a linguistic specialist who can deliver a translation that can meet your requirements.

Whatever your needs are, Rossion is proud to offer you the best translation services possible. By working closely with you, we are confident your message will resonate with your audience in every language.

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