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I have been to a few seminars and conferences recently and noticed that all of the presenters are talking about their “Power Teams”. These are the people they surround themselves with in order to make the right decisions in business. They are experts in their own fields and are trusted partners. Where do turn if you need legal advice? You turn to your trusted lawyer. Where do you go when you have a problem with your teeth? Your dentist. Where do you turn when you need tax information? Your accountant. Where do you turn when you need help with translation? Your trusted translation partner, of course!

As trusted translation partners, feel free to call us anytime to ask us your questions. Here are some questions to ask yourself to know who needs to be on your power team in the translation process. It all starts with content creation. When you have content to be translated, ensure your message is being delivered in the most optimal way by asking yourself these questions and communicating the answers to your trusted translation partner:

Your Content Creation Process:

  • Who wrote the content?
  • Where did the content of the document originate (what department?)
  • Was the content reviewed? If so, was it reviewed by the right person?
  • Is this the final version or are changes expected?

The Translation Process:

  • What is the purpose of the translation?
  • Who is the target audience of the translation?
  • Do you have a glossary of terms?
    • If not, ideally, in the future would a glossary of terms be helpful in the content creation for consistency and accuracy of text?
  • Do you have reference material that would be helpful during the translation process?
  • What style of translation are you expecting? (ex: technical translation, transcreation, localization, etc.)
  • What level of perfection are you looking for (this will depend on the target audience and desired use of the translation). This will also determine the translation project plan and workflow (ISO 17100).
  • What is the deadline/timeframe?

Your Internal Receiving Process:

  • What will happen to the document/content once it has been returned to you?
  • What is the timeframe you have for this Internal Process?

Rossion is an established language service provider with many years of experience. We have a fascinating client base with rich content. We learn about our clients’ – team members involved, processes in place, goals and expectations and offer a tailored level of service in order to align ourselves for all to achieve success. We’ll offer you the most tailored translation package for your specific need and we’ll do at very competitive prices. We are translation experts and we’d love to be part of your Power Team.

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