What’s In a Word – Translation Pricing

When you begin a project that will require translation, it’s important that you allocate time for the job and budget for the associated costs, or as we like to say, investment! Translation is an investment into your company, your brand, your clients, your employees, and your suppliers. It shows that you care.  But how much […]

Beyond Borders

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the freshly signed Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), especially amongst companies who have interests and aspirations that span the Atlantic.While the fine print of CETA still needs to be ironed out and may take months and even years to fully take shape, one thing […]

Quality: A Lost Art?

A friend recently complained to me about her children’s shoes and how she can barely make it one season before they wear out – something she doesn’t remember happening when she was younger. When I asked her where she was buying these shabby shoes, she mentioned a big-box budget store. I wasn’t especially sympathetic! It’s […]

Doing Business In…

With the start of the New Year, we all have our goals, objectives, commitments and resolutions thought through and organized. We are all raring to get started and make some serious progress with our plans. Some of you may be considering growing your business into new markets or may want to grow and develop existing […]

Creating Your Power Team

I have been to a few seminars and conferences recently and noticed that all of the presenters are talking about their “Power Teams”. These are the people they surround themselves with in order to make the right decisions in business. They are experts in their own fields and are trusted partners. Where do turn if […]

Trust and Translation

When you’re getting a project translated, you might not be able to understand the language your work is being translated into. Because of this, you have to put a lot of trust in your translation service provider. At Rossion, we are continually updating our practices to ensure you get the highest quality translation possible. Rossion […]

Collaboration in Translation

The importance of collaboration and communication in a translation project At Rossion, we understand that every translation project has specific requirements. From considering the source material, to understanding the intended audience, we tailor each job to our clients’ needs. It starts with collaboration We understand how critical it is to collaborate with our clients in […]