Fields of Expertise

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Life Sciences

Our translators are up-to-date with current life sciences trends and knowledge, ensuring that we can manage your project with expertise.  Our translators and writers have specialization in the following sectors: medical, clinical research, chemistry, pharmacology, genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, toxicology, health sciences and more.  

Informed Consent Forms 

Patient-Reported Outcomes 

Patient Information Leaflets 

Patient Questionnaires and Diaries 


Serious Adverse Events 

Safety Reports 

Case Report Form 

Regulatory Documents 

Patient Facing Material 

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance (PV) Documents 

Clinical Trial Documents 

Production Documents and Standard Operating Manuals 

Patient and Clinician Education Materials 


Research Studies 

Maintenance & Operator’s Manuals 

Medical and Surgical Device Patents 

Product Labels 

Package Inserts 

Product Descriptions 

Medication Guides 

Instructions for Use 

User Interface (Software & Websites) 

Training Guides 

Training Presentations 

Marketing Material 

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With technology’s constant fast-paced evolution, it’s important that your project is up-to-date with accurate translations. Whether you require translations or localization for your software, user interfaces, apps, games, social media content, or any other technical material, we will deliver your project according to your schedule.




User Interfaces 

Instruction Manuals 


Social Media Content (Texts, Tweets, Blogs) 

Promotional Material 


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Technical documents are complex, and ensuring proper translation requires the attention of an individual with specialized expertise. At Rossion, we employ only the highest quality experts working in fields including engineering, environmental science, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing. 

Maintenance and Operations Manuals 

Complex Drawings 

Instruction and User Guides 

Health and Safety Documentation 

Technical Presentations 

Training Material 


Financial & Insurance

Whether you’re looking for translations for annual reports, policies, websites, investment agreements or corporate presentations, Rossion’s qualified financial translators will help you with all your language needs. We understand the complex terms and the distinct nature of your project and offer consistency, accuracy, and high-quality translation every time. 


Management Report of Fund Performance 

Annual Information Form 

Offering Memorandum 

Fund Facts 

Subscription Agreement 


Corporate Presentations 


Financial Statements 

Corporate Reports 


business meeting documents

Marketing & Communication

Rossion knows that marketing and communication are critical to your company’s success.  Knowing you and how your business operates allows us to maintain your style, tone and voice across all your projects. Whether you send us your corporate communications and newsletters, training presentations or corporate videos, we employ only the highest quality professional translators and project managers who understand you to ensure you’re satisfied with every project. 



Brochures & Pamphlets 


Corporate Announcements 

Corporate Biographies 

HR Documentation 

Internal/External Corporate Communications 


Social Media Content (Texts, Tweets, Blogs) 


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