Frequently Asked Questions

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We work on a project-by-project basis. This helps ensure individualized customer care. Every project has its own needs, from expedited deadlines to scope of work—we want to take special care to understand your project so we get it right the first time around. Click here to request a quote. 

We work with many certified and qualified translators. All of our translators meet the requirements of ISO 17100 (International Standard) and CGSB 131.10(Canadian Standard). Moreover, our translators hold a translation qualification as well as a specialty in their field of expertise. This ensures that we understand not only how to translate, but what we are translating.  

We have a strict privacy policy and we promise to uphold it. Your work is important to us. We take great care to keep it confidential. We are happy to sign an NDA if required. Click here to read our privacy policy. 

If you have a legal requirement to translate your document, then yes, it needs to be translated. 

If you want to do business internationally and reach new markets, then yes, translating your content will help you achieve this. Translation is beneficial to every business as it broadens your market. As you widen your reach, you can increase your sales, expand your readership, or show business partners that you are willing to go the extra mile to create content that is all inclusive.  

We can meet your design challenges with our Desktop Publishing team. If your document requires formatting or editing, our Desktop Publishing team will be sure to return your document in the exact way we received it. Moreover, some countries have specific methods of charting and so we take special care to deliver your work to comply with local standards.