Making a case for translation in the not-for-profit sector

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The not-for-profit sector includes a wide range of people: clients, donors, board members, staff and volunteers, and community members, to name a few. Communicating ideas and messages clearly and making sure people feel supported and heard can be a challenge. Enter high-quality translation!

High-quality translation increases transparency

When speaking with donors and raising awareness for your organization, you must be able to explain your mandate and goals quickly, like you’re giving an elevator pitch. Ask yourself the following questions: Are your organization’s goals clear to board members, clients, and the general public? What projects or campaigns are in progress, and do people know about them? How does your organization plan to use donations?

Providing clear answers to these questions helps you avoid misunderstandings. It also improves your organization’s reputation. And having clear information in a range of languages is a major plus.

High-quality translation makes it easier to communicate in a global organization

Does your organization work globally? Does it have satellite offices or stations in different cities, countries or continents? If so, chances are that your staff and volunteers communicate in more than one language. Running a successful organization means keeping your staff and volunteers happy. To do so, your team has to feel appreciated and valued. Taking the extra step so that people can access information in the language of their choice helps add a sense of team spirit.

Translation makes educational and health-related material more accessible

Does your organization create and distribute educational or health-related material? Clear information is key to engagement and uptake, especially in the health sector. High-quality translation can make a big difference in your organization’s effectiveness and its reach in the community.

A good translation can include adaptation for a local audience

If you’ve created content in your head office and will be distributing it in other locations, consider adaptation. An expert translator can take your original material and adapt it for a specific audience or region.

We all have cultural references that help us understand and connect with groups and ideas. How your audience will interact with your material can relate to specific cultural contexts or cues. What are your donors’ and stakeholders’ concerns and passions? Is their cultural context being considered, and if so, how will it affect their views of the organization?

Looking for a trusted translation partner? Rossion works closely with your team to deliver quality localized content on time and budget. We’d love to hear more about your project.

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