We love to delight our clients with our fast, friendly and efficient service.  


We offer professional services in translation & localization, subtitling, voiceover, writing and interpretations – as well as consultation services to help you expand your business through translation. Try us out for your next language project! We do our best to make your day better! 

Translation & Localization

Ensuring your project sounds authentic,
no matter what the target region

Rossion works with translators who are native in your target language. The translation teams take your source content and carefully and creatively transform and communicate your message into the target language, maintaining the meaning, style, tone and complexity of the original content. 

We’ve delivered content in over 180 language combinations, reaching your target audience no matter where they are. 

What is Localization?

Each language has its unique set of words and idioms specific to a region or community (or sometimes even a generation). Rossion employs international translators who understand meaning beyond words. We guarantee your project’s message will be expertly translated so that its regional and situational meaning is clear and concise for your target audiences. 

What is Transcreation?

Creating meaning while maintaining the integrity of the original language is what transcreation is all about. The process is often used in Marketing and Communications, as the meaning behind expressions and slogans must be maintained no matter the language. Transcreation involves interpreting content in order to express the original meaning with some creative liberty. 


Our writers will work with you to ensure your message is delivered clearly and concisely. 

Be it websites, blogs, articles, presentations or reports, we’ve got you covered. We offer a full suite of services from proofreading, editing, formatting and desktop publishing assistance. 


Attract and engage a wider audience.

Whether it be for your movies, documentaries, corporate videos, promotional videos, news pieces, webcasts, and online courses. 

Rossion provides subtitling and closed captioning services in multiple languages so you can grow your business and have more connection with global audiences.


Maintain the integrity of your work with engaging voices that fit your content.  

We offer a wide range of voices to match the tone of and market for your project – in over 180 languages! 


Ensure your message is understood by your audience, no matter what their native language.   

From business meetings and conferences to one-on-one conversational opportunities, you can be confident that you’ll have no problem communicating with others when you work with Rossion. 

Language Consultation, Planning & Guidance

Ask us how we can help you with planning, language consultation, and budgeting for your upcoming language projects.

Our proven language governance consultation program will help you develop your corporate language goals and give you more control and consistency on terminology used throughout your organization. We can even help you improve your budget planning for projects and communications in meetings!