The Importance of Standards in the Translation Process

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Translation is a particular art.  Not only does one have to interpret for meaning, but also consider the nuances of each word and sentence to ensure that the proper meaning is relayed.

In Canada, there is a national standard for translation services. This standard outlines everything from how a project should be recorded, the pre-translation process, and the final responsibilities of the translation service provider (TSP). 

Rossion is proud to be certified with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), CANCGSB 131.10, and the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 17100.  With so many businesses dealing with transactions on an international basis, standardization is crucial.  Standardization ensures that no matter where you are, no matter what business you’re dealing in, you can expect the same level of quality and service.

Standardization in Translation

In translation, standardization applies to everything from workflow to software to be used to reviewing the work to ensure it complies with conventions of its target language.  Possibly even more important, though, is that it ensures that the translators themselves meet a specific standard, and have mastered both the target and the source language. Translators must also posses a level of research, cultural, and technical competence to ensure that they interpret the source and target text correctly for the implied audience.

A translated text needs to take into account things such as accuracy, phrasing, style, readability, and consistency.  Standardization ensures that every translated work is checked and re-checked for these elements and others.  Without such checks in place, it is possible that a work could be translated and the final project completely miss the intent of the original, or possibly make little sense to the intended audience.

Client Satisfaction

Ultimately, standardization in translation is in place to ensure that the client is receiving a work that is of assured quality, and will be accessible by its target audience.  At Rossion, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest of translation standards, and that every project we handle meets the expectations of our clients.

The Rossion team is audited every two years to ensure that we are meeting the standards set out by the CGSB and ISO. This is important to us, as our clients deserve nothing less than the highest of quality work. The audit confirms that we are meeting the expectations of the organizations and are delivering the best we can to our clients.

Above and beyond the standards of the CGSB and ISO, we realise the importance of working with our clients to deliver their intended message. While we adhere to the standards of these organizations, your standards are just as important to us. Discussing what your expectations are, who your intended audience is, and considering your website, advertising and other material gives us a strong place to begin translating material.

If you have any questions about standardization in translation, or how this applies to your specific translation project, please feel free to contact us,

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